Gastautorin: Lisa Kay Solomon

Lisa Kay Solomon is a well-known thought leader, author and educator in design innovation with a focus on helping leaders learn how to be more creative, flexible and resilient in the face of constant change.

Lisa is the Chair of Transformational Practices and Leadership at Singularity University, where she teaches leaders from around the world how to utilize exponential technologies to create positive change. Lisa also teaches design thinking, innovation and leadership at the Stanford d. School, and at the groundbreaking MBA in Design Strategy program at California College of the Arts.

Lisa coauthored the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Moments of Impact: How to Design Strategic Conversations that Accelerate Change, and, more recently, Design a Better Business: New Tools, Skills and Mindset for Strategy and Innovation, which has been translated into over 12 languages. She is a frequent contributor to Singularity Hub, authoring a popular series on Exponential Leadership and Designing a Better Futures.

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